Educational Council nursery and primary Berkendael

Education Council (CE) (General Rules of the European Schools):

 Each school forms two Education Councils, one for the primary and nursery cycle, the other for the secondary cycle.

Each of the Education Councils shall meet 4 times per year.

The task of the Education Councils:

  • To seek optimum conditions for effective teaching
  • To promote positive and stimulating human relations
  • To introduce all measures likely to highlight the school’s European character.


The Education Council (EC) for the nursery and primary cycles shall be composed of the Director and Deputy Director, of elected representatives of the teaching staff and of elected representatives of the Parents’ Association, in principle one per language section or a representation nominated by the APEEE. EC members are fixed. The APEEE is required to communicate the list of representatives of this council at the beginning of the school year.

The Director may invite other persons whose presence he deems useful. Minutes are made of each Education Council in turn; These minutes shall be approved by the Director and will then be submitted to the Council for approval at the next meeting.