EEB1-Berkendael integrates the network of blue schools

In 28.05.21 in 09: 00 in
Kindergarten & Grundschule – Berkendael

The Covid19 will not have got the better of parent-teacher links, nor of the beautiful ocean protection project started in 2019-2020 and interrupted by confinement.

In 2021, the EEB1-Berkendaël joins the network of blue schools.

In May and June 2021, the 3 classes of P2 and Mat Fre end the year around a common educational project entitled “Citizens of the World”.

The pupils of the 4 classes discover the richness of the oceans, the damage that humans can produce (oil spills, pollution of waste, the extinction of species, …) but also what actions we can take to protect the oceans.

Awareness-raising actions are planned for June, within the library with Sylviane’s partnership and in the common areas of the school.

Finally, this adventure will offer a great meeting to the pupils of the 4 classes.

Each class will meet the author of the book The ocean is my house.

This book exists in different versions available at the school library.

Dina Eparkhina, the author, will thus offer a reading of her book, answer their question and discover the knowledge they have acquired and which they will spread around them to protect the ocean.

You will have to wait until mid-June to hear from this beautiful event, in a future article 🙂