Code of conduct EN – 2018-2019


I will respect this code of conduct, my peers, my teachers, as well as all members of the school community both on the school site and in its neighbourhood; I will respect all school property and the property of others.

I will work to the very best of my ability and allow others to do the same.

I will arrive at school and go to class on time, in possession of my ID card, agenda, books, and school items necessary for lessons, as well as having done the work requested by teachers.

I will dress in an appropriate manner in order not to cause disturbance, distraction or offence.

​I will behave in a manner appropriate to a public place.

I will not use profane or vulgar language or gestures or make offensive racial, ethnic, and religious, gender or sexual comments.

I will not fight, use force or intimidate any member of the school community, nor bring any dangerous objects or a weapon of any kind to school.

I will not bring to school, distribute at school, use in school or enter school under the influence of any drug, including alcohol.

I will not smoke on the school site.

I will accept sanctions given in accordance with the school rules of behaviour and then will improve my behaviour that led to this sanction.

I will respect the current ICT and Office 365 Charters.

I understand that, for obvious safety reasons, it isn’t allowed to sit in the corridors. And also that, outside of sport classes, ball games aren’t allowed without permission.


I have read, understood and accept the European School of Brussels I Code of Conduct. I understand that it is my responsibility, as a pupil and representative of the European School, to follow this code. I am aware of the fact that sanctions will be applied if I do not.