Christmas charity drive

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Many thanks to all students, parents, teachers and staff who participated in one way or the other in the Christmas charity drive!

To all Students, Parents, Teachers at EEB, Uccle



I would like to pass on our sincere thanks to you all for the wonderful response given to the appeal before Christmas to support the work of the Armee du Salut/Leger des Heils here in Brussels.


The donations that were passed on to us, of new pyjamas, materials for school, and toys were passed on to our home for children in the care of the Salvation Army.   The children were so delighted and excited to receive these very lovely gifts.  When I met with members of the staff of our home ‘Clair Matin’, they were equally thrilled to see such thoughtfulness and generosity given to the children in their care.


The children also wrote thank you letters, which have already been passed on to your school.


The donations of non-perishable foods are being used to supplement the emergency food parcels that we, sadly, more frequently need to give to people in need, as well as the scarves, hats & gloves.


The donations of ladies hygiene products have also been passed on to our hostel where we particularly help families who are going through the process of seeking asylum here in Belgium, and some also to our home for mothers and children.


The work that the Salvation Army is involved in is certainly diverse, from helping to care for some of the youngest to helping some of the frail and elderly within our communities.  And of course perhaps the work for which we are more recognised for is helping to care for the most vulnerable and homeless people in society.


We are privileged to receive the help and service of many volunteers within both our community work and social projects.  We also are grateful for the trust and goodwill of those who generously donate to our work with gifts and materials which are used to help those who are need.


Once again, thank you very much for your kindness and generosity.


God bless you




Major Ruth Stannett –

Officer for EU Affairs

Regional Officer Salvation Army, Belgium

Any more donations received by Friday 15/12/17  will be handed over at the weekend!

On 8/12/2017, Guest Speaker, Major Ruth Stannett from The Salvation Army addressed the S7 students on the topic of the work done by the Salvation Army to help victims of human trafficking.

She also spoke to S1 and S2 students about children in need in Brussels and described the  Salvation Army’s social work including not only children but also  the homeless, refugees and lonely people in Brussels.

All donations collected from students in the school were loaded into vans by our students for distribution. (Clair Matin is a children’s home in Uccle for children aged 3 to 18)